Hilde was born in the north of Norway in 1966 and studied music with clarinet as her main instrument at the Music Academy in the northern city Tromsø. After several years working as a musician and music teacher in the north she moved to Oslo where she attended the Art School “Einar Granum”.

During this year she got to know the artist Keith Grant and moved with him to the county of Telemark, south of Oslo, where they settled in a studio and worked side by side – Keith with his landscapes and Hilde with her portrait commissions.

She quickly became a part of the local music scene as a tutor to individuals and groups of students studying at the Cultural Art Center of Telemark along side continuing her profession as a performing clarinetist. Now 20 years later Hilde has re-established her position as a visual artist working on subjects closest to her heart.

At the present time Hilde is working on a series of botanical studies which bridge the gap between illustration and painting. She works in a traditional figurative style and through detailed studies of plants and flowers expresses their beauty and personality.