Art in any form is a very important part of us human beings and brings joy and comfort to all of us in any situation in life. We all have songs, performing art pieces or visual arts who remind us of important moments in our life. Art is always and everywhere around us and we couldn’t be without it. But our society does not credit, value and reward artists for their work and contribution to society in an appropriate way. Only very few artists get the recognition and reward all artists deserve. So many artists study and practice for years and years to become who they are and give their time and passion to create art we can enjoy every day and support us in every situation of our lives. Artists need to be able to support their livelihood through their work. We give artists a practical helping hand such as setting up artist resumes, borrowing of recording material, public relation via social media, review and help with contract work, design of the artists Facebook page, support in realizing projects and many more. Our association is here to support artists to find their way and be recognized as valuable members of our society and earn enough income to support their personal lives.