Being an artist is “per se” social and therefore it is only natural that all work we do for artists is always combined with a social or caritative project. Whether it is to bring artists from completely different social backgrounds together to create a piece of art or organize concerts for a Wildlife charity or organize an Artist in Residence program to teach and support young artists in third world countries or set up a youth choir for children from difficult social backgrounds etc., the heart and soul of our association is always to combine support for artists with social and charitable projects. For all social and caritative projects we organize 70% of the income generated will be given to the charity and 30% stays with the association to support our artists work. Whether you are an artist and need our support to find your way or a charity who would like to cooperate with us or you are a company or person wanting to support the arts, artists and/or social and caritative projects, join us and help us with this great cause. Together we will make a difference! There are many ways you can contribute, whether it is through participating as an artist in charity events, a donation, becoming a regular supporter, a sponsor, adopting an artist or a project and many more.