Born in 1966 in Pétange (Luxembourg) from an Italian mother and a Luxembourgish father, I was sent to school in Belgium, this has given me quite a cosmopolite state of mind.

Art started for me as drawing, cartoon in particular. Some of my drawings were used professionally (advertisement and internal company presentations).

I also learned music, but it only started to interest me when I discovered the electric bass. For practicality reason, my music is made with a computer mainly, then shared on the internet. (I am able to produce full songs with it, a wide range of virtual instruments is installed on the computer).

After a career in IT, I became unable to work due to a severe burn-out. This allowed me to pursue art courses like acrylic, clay and photography. Lately I got into watercolor. Art is an amazing way to express my feelings. My ‘life change’ also made me undergo a strong introspection, this is where my autism was identified. With this difference, I consider that it allows me to view the world differently, then, I share my perspective through my art.

Today, I share my art as a means to make ‘difference’ acceptable, being „not same„ should not be considered a threat.”