Two voices known from „The Voice of Germany 2020“: George Philippart and Vojtěch Zakouřil.

Their coaches, Yvonne Catterfeld and Silbermond, quickly recognized that both not only have a unique voice, but also a special sense for expressing emotions and touching the listener.

Both had to compete against each other in „The Battle“. But George and Vojtech never felt that they were battling against each other, they had become friends. Even if in the end one had to leave the stage, they decided not to sing against each other, but with each other. A magical moment for all spectators and listeners.

When they found out they were to be „Battle Partners“, they wondered which song would be chosen for them. They guessed that it would be something emotional and thought it would be a song like „Can’t help falling in love“, an idea they were drawn to. However, the song picked for them was not: „Can’t help falling in love“, but „Bridge over troubled water“.

Nevertheless, the idea of performing „Cant’t help falling in love“ did stick in their mind. A few months after their „ Battle“ they recorded „Can’t help falling in love“ just in time for Valentine’s Day, released by Rubin Records and arranged by Walter Strom. Again, George and Vojtech managed to bring magic to life and demonstrated what kind of bonds can be made in moments that are supposedly not meant to be. A new interpretation of a world hit which has never been arranged in this form before and not only stands for a special connection of two artist friends but touches the listener in its own special way.

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