Vulture Voices in Concert was an online charity concert that took place on 22 April 2021. A large part of the recording took place at Biodiversum in Remerschen. With the money raised we supported Wildlife Act’s projects to save vultures in Africa from extinction.
There are barely more than 50 pairs of most vulture species in  South Africa left!

We supported Wildlife Act’s work with an online concert (due to Covid regulations, a concert with a live audience was not possible). In front of the microphone for the vultures were:

  • Marvin Scondo,
  • Katiuska Mclean,
  • Regi,
  • Isabel Nolte,
  • Vojtech Zakouril
  • Katja Oseloff, Duci,
  • George Philippart,
  • Mara van Dyck,
  • Lisa Mariotto,
  • Thierry Mersch
  • Kwenza

The following amount was collected:

2652,12 €

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